Flirt aux frontières de l’art contemporain – Showroom Tai Ping – Chen Chen x Kai Williams – Portrait – Paris 7ème – NYC

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Dans le cadre de Ddays, accès cette année sous le thème de la R/Evolution, depuis le 30 mai et jusqu’au 5 juin, au showroom Tai Ping à L’Hôtel de Livry (Paris 7ème). La célèbre maison expose de façon éphémère le travail du studio des designers américains Chen Chen & Kai Williams dont les créations  flirtent avec les frontières de l’art contemporain.

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Deux jeunes designers de la scène créative de Brooklyn, connus en tant que laboratoire interdisciplinaire et incubateur de tendances cassant les codes du design de l’objet et  privilégiant le process à la forme, Chen Chen & Kai Williams étudient des matières organiques, leur travail est une déconstruction puis le plus souvent une agglomération de matériaux parfois totalement inattendus, pour vous, voici leur portrait,

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The thing if you need to choose one?

 Kai:A mask in the African art section of the Met.  I visit it every time I am there.

 Chen: I have an Olfa utility knife that is only available through some Japanese specialty knife stores in the US. 



The place if you have to say only one?

Kai:The Noguchi  museum.

 Chen: There’s the neighborhood in Queens called Willets Point. It’s basically a 3rd world country in the middle of New York. In the Great Gatsby, the Valley of Ashes is actually this area and the city has been trying to develop it for 100 years and they are finally buying out all the land owners right now so it’s about to disappear. The area is all auto repair places and it’s interesting to see how things are constructed when the tools everyone has is a set of socket wrenches and a MIG welder.


What is on air for you actually?
Kai: We have a product design part of our business so we will be working a lot on that.  We are also working on lights similar to the one we made for Tai Ping.  We are also maybe making a boat for a textile company?

 Chen: We are also working on designs for a few retail spaces for a friend’s company. As well, 2-3 projects that might be shown during Design Miami.



Body and health What is your routine?

 Kai:There are a lot of stairs in our studio. But otherwise not eating mozzarella sticks. 

Chen: I should be running more but being in our workspace there is a lot of physicality that is involved, whether it’s flipping through sheets of plywood to find something or pulling out boxes of cast iron components.


What makes you happy ?

Kai:same day delivery. A beer after physical labor on a warm day.

Chen: Same day delivery is amazing. We have a website called McMaster Carr which can delivery any small component as quickly as 2 hours after you order it. So I guess instant gratification would be the macro answer.


Are you More sweat or salty?


Chen: Salty


What is your guilty pleasure? 

Kai:Mozzarella Sticks

Chen: We have this dip in the US called French Onion dip which is the most trashy thing you can eat. I used to have a roommate who would get it and I would sneak some because I refused to be seen buying it.

How did you start this collaboration ?

Kai:We were showing with a gallery in Miami and were introduced to TaiPing and its grown from there.  


Who is your favourite artist?

Kai:Dan Flavin

Chen: Maurizio Catalan



What is the next step ?

Kai: Our studio goes through a couple challenges each year.   And each time we change the structure of our studio and our space.  I’m not sure what each change will bring but I know we will always keep growing and changing. 

 Chen: Growth(as a designer and as a business) is always the goal but I think the analogy is that we are playing ball and not playing chess. We aim the ball in a general direction and put it into play. Then there are forces out of our control that come into play and we are reacting.


Make a wish ! And what should we wish to you?

 Kai: That Google maps updates its custom maps feature to be mobile friendly.  That everyone in the world gets a little smarter and a little more understanding. 

Chen: To have more patience and a longer attention span. I think everyone in Paris is wishing for the rain to stop. 

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